For Sale : 540,000 EUR - Beds : 4 - Baths : 4 - Built Area : 270 SqM

Located in Alboraya, Province of Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain
I spent most of my work day trying to get a cat out of the engine of my car. Surprising how long a cat can survive in an engine really, I spent nearly 48 hours pretending that the mewing sounds weren’t coming from my car. In the end it was the smell of burnt hair that forced me to take action.. . I tell you all this by way of excuse for the pathetic nature of this description. Here it is, might as well get it done:-. . An endangered species – a full 3 storey house in Cabanyal. We are constantly asked for properties similar to this, so many have already been snapped up and renovated for use as tourist or private residences. . This house has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a garage, a large terrace on the roof complete with pool/jacuzzi. The upper floor is currently fitted out as almost a separate studio apartment, but as a master bedroom with ensuite it would work really well.. It is located only 2 minutes walk from the tram stop, and about 5 minutes to the beach.. . That’s it. Had I not spent 3 hours on my hands and knees on the street trying to catch a glimpse of kitten (really a lot more boring and legal than it sounds), I would have written something amazing, and you would be chuckling admiringly by now, and thinking ‘How does he get away with it’, while reaching for that phone to contact us about this amazing place that you simply have to have having read my description. . . Instead, you’ll have to settle for knowing that the entirely ungrateful spitting and hissing ball of oil-stained fur survived and has been returned to its natural habitat (the empty lot near the kids school). Still a great house though.
4 4 270 m² Ref:65726 Alboraya