Price : 129,000 EUR - Beds : 3 - Baths : 1 - Built Area : 110 SqM

Located in L'Eliana, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain
Ok, if you've had a quick look at the first photo of this place just outside L'Eliana and you're thinking - 'Next please, Not for me'. Too sad, too bedraggled.. . Well that's fine, maybe this villa would think the same about you. 'Too dull, too unimaginative, not for me'.. . IF, however, you see this villa and you see the large gardens and think what are the possibilities there. Fruit trees, raised beds, vegetable patch.. . And IF you see the pool set away in the shade of a group of trees in the corner and you can dream of sitting there of an evening, watching the sun set, listening to the birds and crickets.. . IF, inside the house, you see the colourfully painted walls and you wonder what life and noise this house must have experienced.. . IF you think this might be you, then this villa might be willing to consider you. Get your ideas together, give us a call and we'll see if we can persuade the house to have a look at you.. . (And in case your imagination needs a bit of a kickstart, we've included 2 house plans in the photos, the first one a current plan, and a more detailed plan of how this place might look with a small bit of remodelling.)
3 1 110 m² 1600 m² Ref:64876 L'Eliana