Price : 240,000 EUR - Beds : 4 - Baths : 3 - Built Area : 376 SqM

Located in Olocau, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain
I went with a lead photo of the view from the terrace, because that's really why you would buy in Olocau. Its a nice little town in itself, but the surrounding countryside really is amazing. Great walking and biking trails, and also plenty of history. For example there's the ruins of an Iberian village from 500BC overlooking the town.. . And also I couldn't bring myself to lead with one of these agents photos. We didn't take these ourselves, if we had they might be a bit more real-life. These ones have been filtered to within an inch of their lives.. . But hey, who hasn't been a little bit creative with our profile pictures? You don't get to have 154 friends on Instagram and be in contact with that girl from Hong Kong who thinks you are only 30 something by being 'real-life' with your photos, do you?. . So maybe this house might have a few extra wrinkles than in the photos, a bit rougher around the edges, but who cares? If it makes you feel good and is there when you need it then its the perfect place for you.. . So what's it going to be? Swipe left? Or is it right? I can never remember - anyway give us a call, and we will hook you up.
4 3 376 m² Ref:64884 Olocau