Price : 100,000 EUR - Beds : 5 - Baths : 2 - Built Area : 120 SqM

Located in Pedralba, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain
If this isn't your first time looking at property websites, you'll know that when we lead with a picture of the view and not the house, then time to be suspicious. It's not as bad as leading with a picture of the town square, or whatever beauty spot is within a 10 minute drive, but it's getting there.. . However in our defense, this is a great view. Pedralba is a lovely town in the hills about 40 minutes from Valencia. A slightly cooler climate and less humid than the city. This house is only a couple of kilometres outside the town, so an easy walk to a bar or supermarket. The country with the convenience of a town.. . And the house itself? Fallen on lean times to be honest. It appears to have been a bit neglected. In fact if this villa was a person it would be sitting outside my local supermarket with a cardboard sign and a dog on a piece of twine. But a bit of love, a powerhose, clean up the more overgrown bits and we're back on the right track.. . But back to the house. A bit of redecoration is certainly needed, but not much more than that. The potential for 5 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a terrace, a pool, a garage. And the price of course. You can do a lot of redecorating with the money you save when buying at this price.. . So what do you think? Spare a bit of change for a villa a bit down on its luck?
5 2 120 m² 3770 m² Ref:64873 Pedralba