Price : 545,000 EUR - Beds : 5 - Baths : 3 - Built Area : 180 SqM

Located in Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain
When You Go And See An Old Friend.. . It has been five years since my last visit, five years wondering what had happened, and then last week we get a notification that everything was sorted and we could meet again. . . I spent the last few days wondering how things may have changed, whether the years will have changed their face and their character and then finally today we met again. . Nervously at first but then bit by bit, nod by nod, smile by smile we saw that five years had been nothing. No changes, no differences of opinion, nothing hidden and nothing taken away. . . Actually just one difference. . . No debts. . . My mate had come back free of any debts and now was ready to sell themself again and this time at a lower price. . Check out the photos of my favourite Valencia Property now it can be bought at 545k rather than the 690k previously. Four beds, three bathrooms, a fantastic living room and that all so important huge terrace for entertaining your friends. . Oh, and it comes with a garage space too, and is set in an old palace with a fantastic entrance, and has a glass Passarela three floors up for getting in, and a lift and is in the Carmen. . . What more could you want? Just one thing! It's in Calle Corona, the most apt name for a street to live in for what has happened in 2020.
5 3 180 m² Ref:64530 Valencia