>> fourwood >>

You can very simply add our listing of thousands of properties to your own website.

It just takes one simple line of code on your website, and there's nothing more for you to do - ever!

We handle everything for you. Then we pay you a commission on completion of any sale to anyone introduced by your site - and all you did was simply add a little code. And we can even help you with that, if you want! And best of all - it costs you nothing, you commit to nothing, and you can remove the link at any time you choose.

The >> fourwood >> system is designed to be used on other sites. Let's take a look at some examples. You can click on any of the screen shots below, and go through to the pages themselves, all in new windows, so you won't lose this page.

The main page of the >> fourwood >> site leads through to the properties. As you can see, the pages are in the same style.

Fourwood Home PageFourwood Property Page
on the Fourwood web site

However, when another site, Hot Costa, also points to the same property pages, the information now has a different look to it.

Hot Costa Home PageHot Costa Property Page
on the Fourwood web site

And yet another site, Home and Away Spanish Properties, with yet another different look to it.

Home and Away Home PageHome and Away Property Page
on the Fourwood web site

Notice that, when you click on the "Back to Home Page" link, you will be taken to the Home Page of the site that you originally came from - if you come from Hot Costa, you will be directed back to the Hot Costa home page.

As you can see, if you create a link to our property pages, then we will make the pages look like the rest of your site. Again, with no charge.

>> fourwood >> offer you the chance to show all these properties, and hopefully earn commission, with no outlay, no commitment on your part, and nothing to do, other than add the one line of code.

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