We can add real functionality
to your website

You can make your website work for you
instead of you working for your website

Fourwood shows prices for almost 10,000 properties in 22 different currencies - that's a total of almost a quarter of a million prices! You don't think that we type them all in, do you?

Fourwood's home page shows a different selection of properties every day - you don't think we change them ourselves, do you?

Our sister site, Hot Costa, shows an up-to-date exchange rate for 7 different currencies - you don't think we type them in ourselves, do you?

Hundreds of events are shown on Hot Costa - they change every day, and you never see one that is in the past - you don't think we type them in ourselves, do you?

Hot Costa has over 8,000 pages for each town in Spain - you know what I am going to say, don't you!

There are almost 5,000 hotels listed in Spain, and all those hostels and apartments aren't typed in by hand either.

We also have membership system running, an affiliate system (people send visitors to our site, and we pay them commissions on sales), a link tracking system to see where our leads are coming from, listing systems for properties for sale, properties for rent - could be used for anything at all, though. And more.

Wouldn't it help your site (and your pocket) if people sent visitors to your site, and you could pay commission, just on sales? If your site showed up-to-date information about anything, without you having to spend hours over a hot keyboard, when you should be out in the sun!

If you run a website, and want to add something special to your website, then you have come to the right place! Using PHP, MySQL, CSS, and Windows .exe programs, we can transform the usability of your website - members areas, databases, multi-lingual, communication systems, affiliate systems, etc., are all within our area of speciality.

We are very happy to work on a small section of your website. If you have done the rest, and just want a few bits doing - ask for a quote, we will see what we can do for you. Or we could do the entire job from scratch. Currently, we have about 200 sites running, some for ourselves, some for others, and more where we just advise and help.

>> fourwood >> is always happy to discuss partnerships with other people - it's the best way to stay strong! If you have ideas you would like to talk about developing, you have or need specialist skills, or simply want to talk to us, please click on the contact button, above, and we promise to be nice to you! In some cases, we could even be prepared to discuss a no-fee, profit sharing scheme.

Get your web site up and running quicker - choose one of our templates, below, and amend it to suit your needs - or ask >> fourwood >> to do it for you.

PS - one for the nerds (:-> - where are our tables???